Picture Hanging Pro LLC
The Easiest Way to Hang Pictures and Artwork!

Hi everyone, my name is Ernest J. Reschke, founder and President of Picture Hanging Pro LLC.  In 2011, I invented The Picture Stick ®.  I proudly claim that The Picture Stick ® will revolutionize how people will hang their pictures and artwork.  Until now, most people and couples struggle with the seemingly simple task of hanging pictures.  If you have ever tried hanging a simple arrangement or getting a picture exactly where you want it, you understand, it’s not simple at all! 

Even if you use precise measurements, lasers, and levels, the picture or artwork is always a little off.  Personally, I was tired of having several holes in my walls for a single picture. 

So, in February 2011, I invented The Picture Stick ®.  The Picture Stick ® does many wonderful things, but most of all, you can finally put your picture or artwork on the wall and “see” if it looks right.  If it doesn’t look right, you can make unlimited adjustments up, down, left or right.  Once you are finally happy with your picture or artwork’s location, simply remove the picture or artwork from The Picture Stick ® mark the anchor location and install your anchor.  The Picture Stick ® is extremely simple to use and I guarantee it will transform how you hang pictures and artwork forever. 

So, say goodbye to the old frustrating, time consuming ways of hanging pictures and artwork!    

Picture Hanging Pro LLC is veteran owned and operated.  The President is Ernest J. Reschke and Vice President is William W. Pickenheim.   We have a dedicated and professional sales team standing by to assist with your order. 

Thank you for your interest in The Picture Stick ®.


Ernest J. Reschke 


Picture Hanging Pro LLC